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We're excited to welcome students from Salve Regina University, University of Rhode Island, and Roger Williams University 


Keynote Speaker 

Cutler Whitely

Cutler Whitely founded Looie, aiming to revolutionize public and event restrooms through sustainability, tech, and design. With a background as a snowboarder and Brown University grad, he transitioned from research at Penn Medicine and Novartis to environmental entrepreneurship. Cutler's focus on innovative, sustainable solutions drove him to create Looie, emphasizing societal impact and inspiring future entrepreneurs.

About Looie

Looie, a pioneering startup, is transforming public and event restrooms by blending technology, sustainability, and design. Offering features like flushable toilets, scan-in entry, and free hygiene products, Looie aims to make restrooms clean, safe, and accessible. Its commitment to public health and sustainability is redefining global restroom standards, turning them into a beneficial component of urban and event environments.


Flash Talk Speakers


John started his career in tech 26 years ago. He quickly knew he wanted to chart his own path. John started several web based companies, had a short stint in franchising, and has generated 8 figures as a Amazon seller in the coffee space.  


Bellicchi's Classic Biscotti, founded on a treasured family recipe, is a mission-driven, woman-owned bakery started at 68. Kathleen embarked on this venture with Hope & Main to give back to the Alzheimer’s Association. Offering four flavors, they supply Whole Foods, specialty grocers, and cafes. As they plan to expand with a major copacker, our goal is to grow and eventually sell the company.


Nelson Mills, founder and CEO of Vatn Systems and former hull developer at Pure Watercraft, leverages extensive experience from roles at Link Ventures, Lux Capital, and Global Founders Capital. Nelson guides Vatn in creating affordable, autonomous underwater vehicles. These vehicles operate in cooperative swarms, supported by innovative navigation software designed for challenging environments.

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Organizing Committee

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